Updates on Our Water Line Repairs

Water Season 2024

Water Season 2024

If you see an irrigation water issue, please call the office 801-546-4242

We will post shut offs and scheduled repairs as needed. 

2024 Water Season will begin Monday April 15th. It will take a few days for the entire water system to fill and pressurize.

Thursday May 16th

As requested by Fruit Heights City.

All of Terrace Way, Estate Way, and the east side of Mountain Road to 180 S, will be off until Monday. The road repair work is proving difficult due to the excessive water in the area. Fruit Heights should have all of the repair work done and paved sometime Monday. Thank you.

Through the months of May and June. 

From 100 S to 650 S AND 50 W to Main, the water will be off intermittent in small areas for Meter Installation. The small areas should only be off 1-2 days at a time unless further issues arise.  Thank you for your understanding with this major project. 

Monday May 20th

Water off on Meeting House Rd in Fruit Heights from Old Farm to Country Ln. Depending on if we need to glue the break, it could be on late tomorrow, or Wednesday morning.