Updates on Our Water Line Repairs

Water Season 2024

Water Season 2024

If you see an irrigation water issue, please call the office 801-546-4242

We will post shut offs and scheduled repairs as needed. 

2024 Water Season will begin Monday April 15th. It will take a few days for the entire water system to fill and pressurize.

Through the months of May and June. 

From 250 S to 600 E AND 50 W to Main, the water will be off intermittent in small areas for Meter Installation. The small areas should only be off 1-2 days at a time unless further issues arise.  Thank you for your understanding with this major project. 

Wednesday June 19th - Thursday June 20th.

Water will be off on Village Way from Raymond Rd to 50 S due to meter Installation and line Repairs.