Important News & Updates

2024 Water Season Start Up

Haights Creek Irrigation will begin to charge the water system on Monday April 15th. It will take a couple of days to charge the entire system. It's possible that some communities west of the freeway, and the west part of Kaysville will receive their water late Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Please make sure your personal valves are closed until you are ready to begin watering.

This will reduce the risk of flooding neighbors. 

Water Restrictions & General Rules

No watering between the hours

of 10 am and 6 pm.

We are asking our customers to limit watering lawns to 3 days a week.

20 minutes for pop up sprayers 40 minutes for rotators and drip systems.

Do not Let Water Run off Property.

Please turn off sprinkler system if

raining or expected rain is forecast.

Background, Process and Irrigation

A History of Haights Creek Irrigation

The conserving and effective use of water resources in the Western United States has been a severe problem for centuries. For those settling in Kaysville, Davis County, Utah the problem was no different. Thus on February 28, 1899, forty-five residents “….associated themselves together for the purpose of the better management, control, distribution and saving of the waters flowing in Haights Creek…..”

In order for this to be accomplished, the Haights Creek Irrigation Company (HCI) corporate charter gave them authority to “…own, acquire, make, build, construct, and maintain reservoirs, dams, ditches, pipelines, waterworks systems, and canals…(to) distribute the waters belonging to said incorporators…”

The mission of HCI has not changed since the first incorporation in 1899 – that of providing water to the shareholders/owners of the company in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

A pond with water running over it and grass on the side.
A duck swimming in the water near some grass.

Assessments and Collection Processes

Haights Creek Irrigation has mailed the assessments for the 2023 water season. You should be receiving your invoice, by mail, the first week of November. All payments should be received no later than January 15th. 

We have several payment options available, pay online at, mail payment in the return envelope provided, stop by our office, or set up payment to be sent from your financial institution.

Payments received after January 15, are subject to a $25.00 late fee per month. If a shareholder is delinquent for 2 consecutive years, the water shares will be submitted for repossession by HCIC.

Please contact the office with any concerns or questions you may have about your irrigation water, invoicing, or the upcoming Shareholders Meeting.

Water-Wise Irrigation

Studies have shown that most lawns only need to be watered once every 3 to 4 days to stay healthy and green. Watering every day creates shallow roots. Watering infrequently develops deep roots and healthier turf. A healthy lawn comes from Aeration, this can help improve water and air movement to roots, Fertilization, doing this too frequently or at the wrong times can create extra stress on the lawn, Mowing Height, set the blade so that you keep the grass at a height of 3 inches, and watching the Sprinkler Clock, prevent water waste by adjusting your clock monthly.

Always avoid watering during the heat of the day, from 10 am to 6 pm. This reduces evaporation loss by 15 to 20 percent.
For a very detailed lawn watering experience and various classes available check out Weber Basin Water Conservation Learning Garden, they have classes and events scheduled all spring, summer, and fall—go to or call 
(801) 771-1677